Our Policies

Various policies to which all students must abide by can be seen below

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Please find our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy in PDF format here.


In the event of illness, we request that parents telephone the school before 8:30am. A letter should then be sent to the teacher on the day the child returns to School explaining their absence. It is important that this process is followed as any unauthorised absence must be reported to the DFEE.

If your child is required to be absence for an appointment please inform the school of this in writing in advance.


Lessons start promptly at 8:30am. In the unlikely event that you are going to arrive at school after this time, please telephone the office. On arrival please take your child to the office to ensure they are safely in the building and signed in. You will then be required to enter details into the ‘late book’ located in the reception area.

School Bus Service:

There is a school bus service available. For details of pick up points, costs and availability please contact the school office.

Personal Possessions

It is strongly advised that students do not bring in personal items from home. However, if an item e.g. mobile phone is needed for the journey to and from school then parental written permission is required. The phone must be stored in the school office for the duration of the school day

Illness And Medication

School is not an appropriate place for a child who is ill, as it is a busy environment. Younger children particularly can find it overwhelming when unwell. Should a child become unwell during the day and be unfit to continue at school, parents will be contacted to collect the child. Parents are also asked to bear in mind how quickly sickness can spread and not send children until they are clear of it.

If you child requires medication whilst at school (including asthma medication) it must be prescribed by a doctor or dentist. Written consent and direction from parents is required. Medication will then be kept in a locked cabinet out of reach of children.


Student’s safety is of paramount importance to us. We therefore have a security system in place during the school day. This includes security cameras and an electronic entrance system. This system supports the signing in and out system that we have as the children enter and leave school.


Please visit the uniforms section for more details.