Term Dates

Leicester Montessori Schools operate on a four term system. This means that our pupils can attend school throughout the year with the exception of Bank Holidays and the Christmas break.

See our term times below (Last updated for 2013 term times)

Autumn Term
School Opens Thursday 27th August 2015
School Closed - Staff Training Days Monday 24th August & Tuesday 25th August 2015
Term Starts Thursday 27th August 2015
Half Term Activity Week (Optional) Monday 19th October – Friday 23rd October 2015
School Opens Monday 26th October 2015
Term Ends Friday 18th December 2015
School Closed – Public Holiday Monday 21st December 2015 – Monday 4th January 2016
Spring Term
School Opens Tuesday 5th January 2016
School Closes Friday 12th February 2016
Half Term Activity Week (Optional) Monday 15th – Friday 19th February 2016
School Opens Monday 22nd February 2016
School Closes Thursday 24th March 2016
Easter Holidays Friday 25th March – Friday 8th April 2016
Summer Term
School Opens Monday 11th April 2016
School Closed – Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May 2016
School Closes Friday 27th May 2016
School Closed - Bank Holiday Monday 30th May 2016
Half Term Activity Week (Optional) Monday 30th May – Friday 3rd June 2016
School Opens Monday 6th June 2016
School Closes Friday 15th July 2016
Summer School
Activity Weeks (optional) Monday 18th July – Thursday 25th August 2016

Montessori Terms:

Each term includes a full academic programme appropriate to your child’s year group. There will be many events and activities throughout each term to enhance your child’s learning, achievements and their schooling experience. These may include; trips, visitors, competitions, and performances.

Activity Week:

We view our school as a useful resource that should be accessible to our students all year round. Therefore the school remains open during each half term.

These weeks are optional for the children to attend. Each week hosts fully planned, exciting activities allowing students to experience a variety of challenges including arts and crafts, sports and ICT.

Summer School:

It is an undeniable fact that without some school-related work during the traditional schools long summer holidays; students can actually regress academically and possibly socially.

Therefore our fourth term (summer school) has been carefully developed to try and eliminate such problems. Each year a carefully devised programme is created to ensure that pupils have many new experiences filled with fun and exciting activities to continue child development.

Each week hosts a new theme, to which related activities are planned and many trips are organised. Summer school is optional to all students and poses no extra costs to the school fees.

Children Holidays:

In order to ensure minimal disruption to children’s academic programme we request that children are not absent during the three term core dates. Therefore we would recommend holidays to be taken during the activity weeks and summer school.

However in the unlikely event that your child requires time away from school, please notify the school of these dates in writing.