General Information

Class Sizes:

We pride ourselves on small class sizes as these provide the students with increased individual attention. The atmosphere at the Montessori Grammar School is very much that of an extended family.

We are small enough to know our pupils well, and place the needs of the individual child at the centre of our work. Therefore we have a clear focus on intensive teaching and tailoring the curriculum to each individual identified learning style.


Homework is an integral part of school life. Homework is set on a weekly basis according to an appropriate timetable agreed with each of the subject teachers.

Homework enables children to consolidate their learning from the school day and it is therefore important that all students complete homework on time.

All homework is recorded in the student’s homework diary, which should be checked regularly by parents.

Individual Piano Lessons:

Individual piano lessons are available to all students with an additional fee. All enquires regarding availability should be made to the school office.


All children at Leicester Montessori Grammar School will have the opportunity to participate in many physical activities throughout the week.

We have specialised PE staff who adapt their lessons to meet all students individual needs and encouraging them to participate in a variety of different activities and sports.

We have an association with Leicester University and are therefore able to use their sporting fields at Stoughton Road and a sports hall at Freemans Common. The children also go swimming once a week at local swimming baths.


All children at Leicester Montessori Grammar School have French lessons during the school day and the opportunity to learn Spanish in year 7, 8 and 9. Each lesson being taught by specialised teaching staff.

Breaks and Lunch:

The school day has regular intervals for breaks and lunch. At break time the children have access to a healthy snack and drink. Lunch comprises of a variety of meals allowing the children to have a good healthy balance diet. There are both meat and vegetarian options and a salad bar.