The Seamless progression from Grammar School to The Sixth Form

The school accommodates the GCSE and A Level students in a single working environment.
There is much commonality of teaching staff, and a consequent continuity as the student proceeds from the former to the latter. This eases the transition to the more demanding A Level workload, and provides a constant, familiar environment in which to concentrate on study.

The relatively small size of the student cohort helps to ensure that every member of the school is made to feel valued and integral to their group.

The Leicester Montessori Sixth Form College has a high achieving, over-subscribed educational environment with highly committed staff, excellent resources, High Performing Specialist Status (Languages, Science with Mathematics) and a wealth of extra-curricular activities, all of which go toward creating a dynamic learning environment and providing an enriching educational experience for our students.

Our aims and expectations for Sixth Formers:

  • to promote academic excellence
  • to develop the personal and academic abilities of all our students
  • to ensure that every student successfully participates in all aspects of the school life (sporting, music, drama, art, languages and the environment)
  • to develop the leadership potential of all students through the setting of high standards of behavior, appearance, achievement and endeavor
  • to take an active role in leadership of the school
  • to take responsibility for own learning
  • to promote the school ethos to younger students

The Sixth Form offers "a very rich and varied curriculum, including an impressive enrichment programme".