An introduction into The Montessori Way

The Montessori Group is the leading provider of independent education in Leicester, offering continuous care for children and students from birth to university entry. As such, we specialise in preparing young people as individuals, with the aim of nurturing the best aspects of all of our students.

Leicester Montessori School was founded in 1990, and offers full independent education. We are proud of our excellence in education established over many years and are committed to continue our consistent academic success. We encourage ambition, recognise potential and provide all the tools necessary to stimulate growth and development in our students, introducing and nurturing valuable life skills for future success.

The school is co-educational. The Nurseries, Preparatory School, Upper Preparatory School (5-8yrs), Grammar School (8-14) and GCSE and Sixth Form College (14-18) are treated as parts of an integrated whole, to the benefit of all. We are proud to offer a structured educational path to our students, with the intention of instilling enthusiasm for academic progress in all subject areas, whilst at the same time, exploring their individual talents and interests. We are able to provide continuity of study for our students because of our wide range of educational departments, allowing us to further individualise and develop or structured learning pathway.

The School maintains an expectation of the highest standards from its teaching staff, carers and auxiliary staff, as well as from the students themselves. We occupy a large campus of eleven self-contained facilities, each of which enjoys the support of the rest of the Montessori group.

The Schools have achieved outstanding success in their personal and academic development of children and young adults, many of who have benefited from individual tuition and academic acceleration to achieve exceptional results at an early age, or have gained pleasing results with us that they might not have expected elsewhere.

We are pleased to know that you have an interest in our School and hope that you find this site to be informative, and that you might wish to explore further the opportunities we can offer to your child or yourself. For any further information and to discover the range of facilities we offer please contact the Admissions Officer to arrange to view the School or department of interest by appointment.

  • Our Vision

    Our Vision

    Our vision is of a school that gives students the confidence to succeed in whatever they aspire to do in their lives.

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  • Our Philosophy

    Our Philosophy

    Leicester Montessori Schools believes that a focus upon a students education is of upmost importance at any stage in their progression.

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  • Dr. Maria Montessori

    Dr. Maria Montessori

    Maria Montessori (1870 - 1952) was the first woman in Italy to qualify as a physician. She developed an interest in the diseases of children and looked to....

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  • Montessori Teaching

    Montessori Teaching

    The discoveries made by Dr. Maria Montessori, can help parents and teachers in many situations. Her advice has always been to: "Follow the Child."

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  • Montessori Method

    Montessori Method

    Montessori environments for infants, and classrooms from preschool through high school, are based on a different philosophy of education in comparison to usual educational institutions.

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  • What Our Parents Say

    What Our Parents Say

    Our vision is of a school that gives students the confidence to succeed in whatever they aspire to do in their lives.

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