Our Philosophy

Leicester Montessori Schools believes that a focus upon a students education is of upmost importance at any stage in their progression.

However we also feel greatly and put emphasis on our school encompass not only education, but supporting our students social, physical and emotional development.

Here at Leicester Montessori we have incorporated emotional intelligence teachings into our curriculum for now over 10 years, aiming to help our students become aware of their emotions to necessitate a particular outcome.

We feel working together with parents is essential for effective development of every child’s education, where we ensure regular contact and communication between ourselves is promoted, allowing us to further tailor our learning strategy for our students. We also feel it is important to work with both students and parents in identifying strengths and areas to further develop early on, and also to acknowledge any career interests to focus the study strategy.

We understand every student is an individual, so we aim to instill tools for our students to develop their own strengths by providing a curriculum adapted to each students needs. We offer small class sizes so our students can benefit from increased one on one teaching, ensuring support in our wide range of subjects is always available. We also have a wide variety of extra-curricular activities for your child to enjoy, from sports clubs to music lessons, to nurture students socially and emotionally, and to expand and establish further skills.


A number of our students have pursued careers in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Law and Economics following on from their education at Leicester Montessori Schools and we wish to continue this success in these selective courses. Whatever ambitions our students have we aim to help and assist in these goals being pursued.

We now have in place organised visits to the schools from local doctors, lawyers and pharmacists, allowing students to gain inspiration, ask questions, and have an understanding of how best to pursue these and other similar career pathways. We hope to continue our development in helping our students plan for their futures.

In broad terms, the objectives of Leicester Montessori Schools are:

  • To provide a wide, challenging curriculum, so that all students can realize their full potential
  • Provide opportunities which enable the children to develop their individual talents
  • Promote self-esteem, independence and social skills of each child
  • Promote high standards of behavior and self discipline
  • Provide equal opportunities for each child in all aspects of school life
  • Involve parents and develop a positive image for the school in the wider community
  • Provide a purposeful, organised atmosphere whereby everyone’s contribution is valued.