Our Vision

Our vision is of a school that gives students the confidence to succeed in whatever they aspire to do in their lives.

We want all students to reach their full academic potential and to develop into compassionate future leaders in line with our Ethos:

At Leicester Montessori Grammar School we strive to develop students who value Intellect, Empathy and Courage

We break these down into three core fundamential areas that are:


They are excited by the world around them and curious to know more. They engage critically with information and grapple intellectually with global and more personal issues.


They appreciate and value other people and acquire the skills needed to communicate ideas and information. They understand and appreciate their own culture and are open to the values and traditions of others. They act to make a positive difference to the lives of others.


They are open to new situations and experiences and have the independence of spirit to explore new ideas. They act with integrity and honesty and take responsibility for their own actions. They give thoughtful consideration to their own strengths and limitations and act to support their own development.