Nursery Classrooms

Preschool Classrooms

During this vital time of a child’s life, the foundations for future learning are formed. The preschool and Montessori classes aim to provide each child with fun opportunities and stimuli, to reach their maximum potential at their own pace.

The ‘Seven Areas Of Learning’ are incorporated into the daily activities:

Communication and Language
Physical Development
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Understanding of the World
Expressive Arts and Design

French and Spanish Lessons, the latest Computer and ipad aided studies, Dance and Special Trips are also included into the curriculum.

Montessori Rooms

The Montessori Method is effective because it allows the children freedom, within a well structures classroom. It is child centred and results in early reading and writing and advanced general knowledge. This method of teaching helps children with mathematics, geography and learning about the environment in which we live.

Montessori equipment is utilised by our Montessori teachers to assist the children, encouraging their natural curiosity, self-esteem, independence and concentration skills. By this method, children enjoy the process of learning.

OFSTED Reports have show that children within our Nurseries have developed reading and writing skills two years in advance of the national average.

This special pre-school experience provides and important preparation for the child’s school life. Many of the children continue the next phase of their education at our Preparatory School and continue to develop and excel in their studies and development.