An Introduction Into Sixth Form College

It has always been our ambition to offer premium education from nursery-age to University entry.

With the opening of the Sixth Form College, this dream has been realised. Several of our students have attended throughout their school lives and are now enjoying the benefits as they continue through their formal examinations with shining success. Other young people have joined at various stages of education, and find their time with us to be a fruitful and unique experience. We emphasise student directed learning with reflective diary keeping, enhancing a deeper learning experience.

The school accommodates the GCSE and A Level students in a single working environment.
There is much commonality of teaching staff and a consequent continuity as the student proceeds from the former to the latter. This eases the transition to the more demanding A Level workload, and provides a constant, familiar environment in which to concentrate on study.

The relatively small size of the student cohort helps to ensure that every member of the school is made to feel valued and integral to their group.

Recognising the need to combine the best of primary school practice with the requirements of continuing
education, we aim to develop abilities in learning, study, observation and other personal qualities during the compulsory secondary school years. Linked with this is the need to have times in the week when planned activity is flexible, such that individual interests may be pursued and individual requirements more easily met.

This is the task of the Group Tutor, with support from specialist subject staff. The large staff to student ratio allows close, though unobtrusive, monitoring of individual students in respect of both academic and personal development.

One legacy of the Montessori ideal in this context is that it is the natural positive growth of the whole person that is of interest - a balanced development, in an environment that allows the evolution of a happy, successful individual with unique talents and interests. Equally, the nurturing of these talents should not distort development or neglect development in other areas. To these ends, the well-being of all our students is monitored carefully by staff. Staff members are made aware of any pastoral issues that may arise with regard to each student, with communication with parents when necessary.

During the weekdays, life is busy and full. Lessons are forty minutes long, and there are eight lessons in a day. There is a cooked lunch and then tea in the middle of the afternoon. The educationally varied activities include outings, excursions to the theatre and the occasional weekend event.

Pupils are expected to complete homework every day - the time required depending on the pupil’s age and ability. Parents are encouraged to supervise their children’s homework, especially in the case of younger children. Parents who want to discuss anything with the staff are free, and indeed encouraged, to do so.

Lessons formally end at 5pm, but leaving times at the end of the day are flexible and it is possible that a child will remain until 5:30pm. A large number of the children stay on after lessons, when study-time is supervised by their subject teachers. Many of the children live several miles away, and the school provides a bus service along main routes into Leicester from popular residential areas.

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    Located in the prestigious area of Stoneygate, our Preparatory & Grammar campus was founded in 1997, and enjoys a large listed Victorian building with excellent modern facilities.

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    It is possible to study a wide variety of courses, with a great number of subject combinations, over the two years of Advanced study.

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    The majority of 6th form students go on to higher education and all students are supported throughout the process of choosing and applying to university

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